I thought we were all on Team Earth back then! Part 1

RobsBike_LOGO_smallI started Rob’s Bike Courier Service as my own positive protest to the Iraq war.

I had worked for the city SmartTrips program for four years promoting alternative transportation, especially bicycles. During that time Joe Breeze came through town. He was promoting bike commuting, as well as his new commuter bike line. There was a story in the paper about him, and if I remember right part of his reason for going from making mountain bikes to commuter bikes and his brother’s more negative protest to the first gulf war.

When we entered Iraq in 2003, everyone knew it was about oil, and I felt the need to do something, positive. I was very comfortable using a bike for transportation through out the year. I’d done a cross-country bike tour and knew the potential of the bicycle for transport. I knew the town well, had even been a FedEx courier when I moved out here and knew that a bike courier service could not only reduce the amount of gas being burned in town, but could be an example for bike commuting year around.

I worked for the city Natural Areas during the 2004 season and the amount of fuel burned carelessly among the crews and staff drove me crazy. Instead of coming back for the 2005 season, I started Rob’s Bike Courier Service. Instead of being the traditional bike courier service, using mainly just messenger bags delivering documents, I wanted to be a full delivery service. So I paid a welder friend to build a larger, heavy-duty bike trailer for me.

With that trailer I got my first regular job, hauling glass, 400 lbs at a time. I thought that we were all on Team Earth.

Maybe not.

Next post we’ll look into the rest of this and then possibly the Colorado River and the High Park Fire.

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Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources - Colorado State. Promoted alternative transportation, especially bicycles, for four years at City of Fort Collins SmartTrips Program. Rob's Bike Courier Service for nine years. Completed solo, self-contained, cross-country bike tour, riding over 6,000 miles in almost four months. Created the Car-Free Recreation Guide to Northern Colorado, published in 2008. Owner and operator of Get Reel! Push Mowers, a push-reel mower sharpening service. Gardener. Composter. Car-free almost 10 years.

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